ICMP has launched Music Rights and AI

Posted on April 24, 2024

We believe that big tech shouldn’t be allowed to get away with using other people’s music without consent, credit & compensation.

ICMP has launched ‘Music Rights & AI’; a new, global, open & practical resource to help prevent AI infringement.

As any tool, AI can be used for good or bad. Demystifying is key. AI is a multifaceted software, often deployed by commercial entities. Those companies have responsibilities for how it is used & must comply with all relevant laws. There is no legal, commercial or moral excuse for ingesting, training or generating AI on the world’s licensed digital music without consent.

ICMP is working to ensure all incoming AI laws worldwide ensure high standards of copyright.

This new interactive resource defends the world’s songwriters, composers & creators by enabling rightholders to Reserve their rights against scraping & non-rightholders to endorse legal, fair & ethical AI markets. It works on a legal level (rights reservations) and a metadata level (for online content crawlers).

IPMG join the rights holders in saying:

“No use without consent, credit & compensation”.

We hereby urge all publishers, regardless of whether you’re a major/indie, big/small, commercial/production music etc, to sign up and publicly declare your reservation of rights in the fight against copyright infringement by unlicenced AI.

More info can be found on the Music Rights & AI website so please check it out and sign up today!