About Us

Welcome to The International Production Music Group [IPMG]!

The IPMG is a trade organisation run by a group of international production music publishers to support the production music industry.

Our association serves as a vital platform for the production music industry, providing networking opportunities, industry news updates, and a strong voice for lobbying efforts on behalf of our members and our journey began with a vision to redefine the status of production music.

The IPMG mission is to:

  • Be a platform to promote discussion for production music companies.
  • Support National production music associations and their members in individual markets.
  • Distribute regular, sector-specific information to its members.
  • Organise industry events and conferences to bring focus and action around our issues.
  • Spread awareness, share data to highlight the valuation of the production music industry.
  • Preserve and enhance the value of music.
  • Serve as a voice to lobby on behalf of the production music industry PRO’s, authorities, and international organisations.

Our association aims at international level, to promote and protect the moral, material, and artistic interests, as well as the economic and financial matters of international production music producers and publishers. To achieve this object, the Association may:

  • Take any action, negotiation, research, and contract to establish, clarify, and defend the rights of its members.
  • Take legal action to defend the collective interests of its members.
  • To reinforce the perception of the cultural and economic value of production music worldwide.
  • To actively support the principle and the development of copyright.


One of our many projects are the reports where we collaborated with BMAT to find out the state of TV music usage across several territories. The reports about Germany, France and United Kingdom are available on BMAT’s website but the reports from 2022 and onwards are available to members only. Other territories we have detected are Austria, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands. 

The IPMG collaborate closely with the PMA (Production Music Association) board and we believe that our two groups together can make a huge impact on the production music industry. PMA has done a BMAT report to find out the state of TV music usage in USA and the results are also available to the public on BMAT’s website.

Once a year we have our Annual IPMG Event where we gather production music professionals and welcomes them to a day with interesting panels and networking opportunities. We work closely with ICMP and our event is always in the same city and during the same time period as their event Music Minds Europe.


Our members are major and indie production music publishers, and our association is run by thirteen board members. Four board members are the permanently seated representatives of BMG Production Music, Extreme Music (Sony / EMI / KPM), Universal Production Music & Warner Chappell Production Music who sponsor the IPMG, and the last permanent seat is reserved for the Director General of ICMP.

The IPMG is affiliated to the ICMP (International Confederation of Music Publishers) which represents more than 90% of the world’s published music.

We have board elections every second year, and you need to be a member of IPMG to be eligible to stand for the board seat and to vote. The board members play a crucial role in shaping the future direction of our organisation.

Join our association and become part of our community.

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